ONE-K is revolutionising wheels with innovative fibre spokes and new weight standards – for increased performance without compromising on safety and comfort.


Wheelsets from 933 Grams

starting at 2.199€


The new cycling experience comes from the spoke. Up to 60 % lighter than premium steel spokes and up to 20 % per wheel set, all with the same uncompromisingly outstanding performance. Our FIBERSPOKES allow weights for a DISC wheelsets of less than 1,000 grams. We no longer want to choose between lightness, durability and stiffness. And now we don’t have to.


High-tech materials for maximum athletic performance. Our spokes are made of fibers that also protect racing drivers in Formula 1 in a crash. Their shock absorption properties provide increased comfort while riding. Combined with high-quality carbon rims and hubs, our wheels are the new benchmark in cycling.


The closed spoke stars are particularly durable. The geometry allows the best possible power transmission from the hub to the rim. Thanks to the reduced rotating mass, the acceleration of the wheels is breathtaking.


You are choosing uncompromising quality on the road. Our perfectly constructed wheels offer maximum longevity. Our wheels are built by hand and achieve a long service life and durability. Whether on a road bike tour, cycle marathon or road race. Our innovative carbon wheels are extensively tested and externally certified. They are always a safe companion. Thanks to their modular construction and a crash replacement guarantee, you also have maximum protection after you have made your purchase.

Technology for Cycling

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, our technology is revolutionizing cycling. The manufacturing technology is our answer to the question of a sustainable and efficient production process. You can find out more about the materials, manufacturing process and our technology here. This allows you to make an informed decision when choosing the product that will perfect your cycling experience.

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The new road standard

In an area where every gram weighs tons, our innovative spokes enable incomparably lightweight wheelsets. 

ONE-K Wheels offers the best acceleration and disc brake power in perfect symbiosis.

We are ONE-K Wheels

We are another successful spin-off by the Leibniz-Institut for Composite Material at RPTU Kaiserslautern.

But even more we are cycling enthusiasts and inventors who combined their expertise and passion. Together we have developed one of the world's lightest road wheelsets.

Press & Events

TOUR Wheelset Test


In issue 2/2023, Europe's largest road bike magazine tested our RD-Ultimate wheelset. Their result: "New weight record: [...] the fancy wheels made by ONE-K puts everything that has gone before in the shade: With a set weight of only 947 grams, 300 grams less than the full carbon models, they really are the new kings of lightweight construction."

42. Ötztal Cycle Marathon

NEWS, 09. July 2023

Anton Schiffer of the Team Bike-Aid Development has taken an excellent 5th place with our RD ULTIMATE 36 at the legendary Ötztaler bike marathon. In the run-up to the event, the athlete made it clear that he had been able to reduce the weight of his setup by around 600g compared to last year thanks to these new wheels alone. On the 227 km and 5,500 altitude meters race, our ONE-K-Wheels thus proved to be the perfect companions. We are already looking forward to seeing you again in 2024.

Schwalbe Gravel Grames

Event, 23. – 24. September 2023

Between September 23-24th 2023, we have some surprises for you at the SCHWALBE GRAVEL GAMES, Europe's largest gravel bike festival. In the heart of the Ruhr area, we show you the lightest wheels for gravel bikes. Visit us and convince yourself on the EXPO area at Zeche Ewald in Herten!



One K Wheels show 930g road wheelset with carbon fiber spoke system

While these wheels won’t be released until Spring 2022, the sub-1000g weight makes them worth looking into. Claiming road bike wheels as light as 930g, One K Wheels uses a composite spoke structure to replace the steel spokes and reduce overall wheel weight by 20% or more…




The wheels feature one-piece carbon spokes and a specifically designed hub…