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ONE-K is revolutionising wheels with innovative fibre spokes and new weight standards – for increased performance without compromising on safety and comfort.


Wheel sets from 930 grams


The new cycling experience. Up to 60% lighter than premium steel spokes and up to 20% per wheel set, all with the same uncompromisingly outstanding performance. We no longer want to have to decide between wheels being lightweight, durable and rigid. And now we don’t have to.


High-tech material for outstanding performance. Our spokes are made from fibres which are also used to protect Formula 1 drivers in crashes. Their shock absorption properties make cycling more comfortable.


The closed spoke stars are particularly durable. The patented manufacturing technique is our answer to calls for a sustainable and efficient production process.


You are choosing uncompromising quality on the road. Our perfectly constructed wheels offer maximum longevity. Thanks to their modular construction and a crash replacement guarantee, you also have maximum protection after you have made your purchase.


You can find out more about the materials, manufacturing process and our technology here. This allows you to make an informed decision when choosing the product that will perfect your cycling experience.

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The new road standard

In an area in which every gram weighs a tonne, our innovative spokes are unparalleled in their lightness and offer outstanding performance.

We are ONE-K

We are another successful spin-off by the Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe at TU Kaiserslautern.

But, before we became ONE-K, we were cycling enthusiasts and inventors who combined their expertise and passion. We worked together to develop a wheel set weighing less than 1,000 grams, so that you don’t have to compromise on performance or efficiency.

Press & Events

Cyclingwolrd Düsseldorf

Event, 18 - 20. March 2022

The CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE is Europes new show for cycling culture.

Following the motto: View – Echange – Try – Dream – Enjoy and be happy!

Started in 2017 the CYCLINGWORLD Show once in a year open the doors for cycling enthusiasts. The date will always be right before the bike season starts. Consumers, dealers and branch experts are ivited to visit the show and get new inputs and impulses for the upcoming season. The CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE will be the new place of interest for the greater western part of Germany and into the very near parts of the Netherlands.

Eurobike Frankfurt

Event, 13. – 17. July 2022

EUROBIKE is the undisputed leading global trade fair for the bike business. Here the bicycle industry networks itself, convinces its trade partners and presents itself of the media world. In addition, new trends are emerging and groundbreaking innovations celebrate their premiere. EUROBIKE is constantly generating added value for the industry and the trade and manages the balancing act between trade fair and think tank.

Rad am Ring Nürburgring

Event, 22. – 24. July 2022

Rad am Ring is a very special challenge for everyone, because Rad am Ring is much more than just a cycling event. At the legendary Nürburgring, we create cycling experiences for everyone. The heart of the Bike-Festival at the Nürburgring is a comprehensive Expo in the paddock, where companies from the urban, tourist and sports bike sector present their products.



One K Wheels show 930g road wheelset with carbon fiber spoke system

While these wheels won’t be released until Spring 2022, the sub-1000g weight makes them worth looking into. Claiming road bike wheels as light as 930g, One K Wheels uses a composite spoke structure to replace the steel spokes and reduce overall wheel weight by 20% or more…




The wheels feature one-piece carbon spokes and a specifically designed hub…

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