Crash Replacement

We know that even with our products accidents can occasionally happen. In case of damage due to an accident, whether caused by someone else or not, you will benefit from favorable crash-replacement conditions for a period of 3 years. 

 The crash-replacement option is valid for one time for the first owner within a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. If the crash-replacement is claimed, the damaged parts become the property of ONE-K Wheels. After our wheel experts have assessed the damage, we will make you a fair offer for the replacement. 

  • In case of a damaged spoke system a participation of 150 € can be taken as a rough estimate for the replacement. 
  • In case of damages at the hub or the rims we grant you a discount of approx. 30% on the official list prices of the damaged components. 
  • In case of total damage we grant you a discount (year 1: 40 % | year 2: 30 % | year 3: 20 %) on the same or an equivalent wheel from our assortment.


First, you have to report the damage in our contact form. You need to submit the proof of purchase as well as a detailed description of the damage. Before sending the wheel, the tires, the sprocket and the disc have to be removed. Please make sure to carefully package the wheel. After receiving the wheel, we will analyze the damage and plan the next steps with you. The return shipment to you is free of charge within the EU.