ONE-K Quality Warranty

We are fully convinced of the quality and durability of our products. For this reason we voluntarily offer you a 3-year extended warranty on all material and manufacturing deficiencies in addition to legal regulations. Futhermore warranty terms and conditions of the component manufacturers may apply. 

  • The warranty assumes that all components have been properly assembled and maintained. 
  • The wheel must not have been used with incompatible parts. 
  • The warranty excludes incorrect use of the wheels (e.g. use on e-bikes without explicit approval). 
  • The warranty excludes optical damage or surface defects. Also excluded are damages due to inappropriate storage.
  • The warranty does not apply to replacement parts such as bearings, freehub, or tubeless tape. 
  • The warranty does not include replacement costs as well as freight and customs fees. 

ONE-K Wheels will repair the damaged components at its own judgement. In case of replacement, it will be on the same type of model. We do however reserve the right to replace the damaged item with an equivalent model. Legal warranty rights remain unaffected by this warranty.