ONE-K Testrides

We are looking for you! 

Are you a passionate influencer or athlete looking to introduce our ultralight wheelsets to the world? Do you have a strong presence on social media or an exciting story that we can tell together on our channels? Then you could be exactly the partner we are looking for. 

That's why you're the perfect brand ambassador: 

Impressive reach: As an influencer or social media professional, you have already built up an engaged and interested fan base. You can introduce our products to a wide target group and reach many people. 

Authentic enthusiasm: You love cycling and know the needs of the racing bike community first-hand. Your authentic enthusiasm will be reflected in your recommendations and create trust. 

Creativity: You understand the art of content creation and can present our wheelsets in an innovative and appealing way. Your creativity will help to show our brand and products in new ways. 

Story: Are you preparing for a specific competition or another cool adventure? Take us on your journey! We process your image and video content in our media and can therefore provide our followers with exciting content.

How can you become our brand ambassador? 

We would like to get to know you: Send us an email to: telling us more about yourself, your passion for cycling and your social media profiles. 

Try our products: If you are selected, we will send you one of our ultra-light wheelsets. Use them on your rides and test them thoroughly. 

Create fascinating content: Create engaging content that highlights the benefits and quality of our products. Share your honest opinion on your social media channels. If you don't have relevant reach but can provide a cool story or other interesting content, we'll tell your story on our channels. 

Are you ready to become part of our community? Then apply now!

*All persons over the age of 18 who are resident in the European Union are eligible to participate.

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